HAIL TO THE CHIEF: Those Pesky Gnats Are Back!

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Neighbors working on their gardens, golfers adventuring on their favorite golf course and little league games are in full swing. Spring warmth has definitely returned, and then some. I say that because what has also made an appearance during our outdoor activities has been those pesky gnats! UGH!!! Just had one get caught in my eye while doing an interview at a recent golf course. If you encounter the recent flock of gnats then I have the solution or solutions for you. We’re all familiar to the many mosquito sprays out there over the counter. Most may even agree that these sprays just aren’t good enough.

Here’s solution 1-


Absorbine Jr. Yes, it’s over the counter but folks, this freakin’ works! If you’re not familiar with Absorbine Jr. its a pain reliever designed to help aching muscles and joints. However, it has become popular in the past number of years as an alternative mosquito and gnat repellent. Whenever I have to work in the yard or play a round of golf I use this stuff religiously. No need to layer it throughout your entire body; just a few spots. Dot some on your arms and legs, even on the back of your neck. Thats it! Any complaints? Yep. The only complaint I’ve heard about Absorbine Jr. is the lack of supply. They go fast!!

Solution 2-


Another option which is even cheaper is vanilla extract. Yep. The cheap stuff works. You can put plain vanilla extract on your skin, either the real stuff or the artificial; it all works the same. Rub it on exposed areas of your skin or dot it on certain spots like before. If the smell is too harsh, then try making your own bug spray. Simply add a few drops of vanilla extract to a small spray bottle of water. Play around with it and see what works for you. I’ve heard about 6 drops of vanilla extract per 8 ounces of water will do the job, then spray on all areas of your exposed body.
Hopefully, you’ll win the fight against those pesky gnats and mosquitoes this year.


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