Service dog denied in Sherrard grade school

A Quad City community is standing behind a second grader and her family after she was no longer allowed to bring her service dog to school. That family is now seeking legal action against the district.

It was a crowd of purple outside the Sherrard school board meeting Wednesday May 21, 2014. None of them were there for items on the agenda but for a former Sherrard student.

Eight-year-old Kellsey McGuire has epilepsy and suffers from seizures because of it.  Over a month ago she got a service dog that she started bringing to Sherrard Grade School.

“They were all gung-ho held an assembly were very excited to have the dog come to school and then within a few weeks situation started happening at school,” said family friend Jennifer Holliday about the school.

What was once happier times for the McGuire family has now become an unfortunate situation.

“Kellsey was welcomed to come to school however Jasper would not be allowed to come with her which was extremely unfortunate,” said Ribbons for Kellsey committee member April Bowlyou.

A non-for-profit organization called Ribbons for Kellsey tells us there was an issue between Kellsey’s art teacher and her dog. The school called the McGuires and said Kellsey would no longer be allowed to bring her dog Jasper to school.

“This was a piece of medical equipment that was denied for her basically. It violated the Americans with disabilities act is what occurred,” said Bowlyou.

Forcing the McGuires to take their daughter to Jordan Catholic School and now take legal action against the school. A fight they’re not fighting alone.

“I want them to understand that this is a child in their community. Um this is a well respected family who’s only goal was to see their child succeed in school,” said Bowlyou.

While the process moves forward the board did vote to at least not to pay tuition at Jordan Catholic. News Eight spoke to the superintendent who said he couldn’t comment because of legal matters.


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