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A mother’s plea and police warnings to wear your seatbelt

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As part of a nation-wide campaign, Illinois law enforcement will be cracking down on drivers not wearing their seat belts.

Between May 19 and June 1, local law enforcement will be stationed at designated areas and actively looking for anyone violating the seat belt law.

At their press conference today, the Moline Police Department invited Melissa Ledezma to speak, whose son died after in a car accident July 30, 2010.

"When the cops told us he was only going 30 [mph], I never imagined I would lose my son," said Ledezma.

Tyler Ledezma was driving home from his brother's baseball game and wasn't wearing a seat belt when he lost control of his car and was thrown into a tree.

Ledezma's mother said he always wore his seat belt, and couldn't believe he had forgotten.

"He got into his car, told his girlfriend to put his seat belt on, and she thought he did the same; but he didn't," Ledezma said. "I can remember the doctor coming in and telling [my family] my son was gone."

Ledezma hopes her story and enforcement from police will help save lives and make people remember to always wear a seat belt.