Scam targets local property owners

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A property records scam appears aimed at squeezing a fee of nearly $100 from local property owners, for service that would normally cost less than a dollar.

Property owners are getting mailed letters from a company that offers to provide of their property deed for a fee, usually $89.  The letters appear official and include information such as the legal address, property identification number and assessed value of the home or property.

“They then state that they can provide a complete property profile, and a copy of the only document that identifies the home owner as the property owner, for a fee of $89.00,” said Knox County Recorder Carol Hallam.

“Property owners can obtain a copy of their property deed directly from the Recorder’s Office for a fee of 25 cents per page, with most deeds being two pages in length,” Hallam said.

Rock Island County property owners can get a copy of their deed for $2 according to the county recorder’s office website.  Henry County, Illinois offers a free online search for such documents on their websiteWhiteside County offers search and print services with fees starting at a few dollars.

Property records are also accessible online for Scott County by clicking here.

In all cases, most property records are public information.  It is best to get copies, or instructions for getting copies, directly from your county recorder’s office.


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