Local vets say VA care remains topnotch here

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Bikers are traveling across the country to raise awareness for veterans on a ten-day motorcycle ride that started in California.

They stopped in the Quad Cities Monday,. May 19, 2014.

If you go to Davenport Memorial park you'll see no grave goes bare. They are all decorated with flowers and flags.

None of them go with out visitors, either. Friends, family and complete strangers stop by to pay their respects, including the bikers.

"We're riding for the people who aren't here with us anymore and the people who can't ride anymore," said Navy veteran Tom Seymour.

Vets from all over stopped by for those who have fallen and those who are in need of support. Along the ride, they're stopping to visit thousands of veterans who are in the hospital.

"They give everybody hope," said veteran Albert Kirk.

In light of a recent Veterans Affairs scandal alleging mistreatment and a cover-up at VA hospitals, these vets are sure to ask questions.

"The real critical issue is who's taking care of these veterans, and they deserve better than that," said retired Colonel Alan Kruse.

Vietnam veteran Albert Kirk recently spent some time in Iowa City's VA hospital.

"We got one of the best clinics as far as I'm concerned," said Kirk.

Others agree with Kirk; riders say they've stopped by local hospitals and have heard no complaints.

"They all rave about the care," said Seymour.

Even though it's not an issue here, these vets will continue to support others.

"No one should be harmed by the VA medical center. It's supposed to help heal those men and women and not cause them harm," said Kruse.

The ride started May 13. Their last stop will be Washing D.C. on Memorial Day.