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Driver of Davenport rollover crash faces numerous charges

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A driver involved in a rollover crash in Davenport was arrested and faces several charges.

Davenport Police said that Saturday evening, May 17, 2014 officers had attempted to pull-over an SUV in Rock Island but the vehicle crossed into Davenport via the Centennial Bridge. Shortly after the attempted traffic stop, the SUV crashed into a utility pole and rolled several times, causing injuries to the passengers inside.

According to the Davenport Police, the driver of that vehicle was 30-year-old Torrence Smith.

Scott County Jail records indicate that he faces several charges which include driving while barred, driving under suspension, serious injury by vehicle, OWI, no insurance, fraud use of registration, leaving the scene of an injury accident, and failure to maintain control.

Jessica Claver, a friend of one of the injured passengers, said that she has sympathy for the family and those involved. She noted that “it would be nice if the community could come together” to help the victims with medical expenses.


  • The Governor

    “She noted that “it would be nice if the community could come together” to help the victims with medical expenses.”

    That seems really fishy to me.

  • Mary

    If you knew the girl…you’d know how true your comment really is. I know a Jessica Claver…and I’m not sure how many reside in the QC area. But if it’s the same one I know, then yes…very fishy!

  • Pam

    whats fishy about a girl asking for the community to come together?
    u all are straight up a$$ for saying what you said. for once did you ever stop to think that the girls in the car had no knowledge of the drivers -not having a driver’s license or insurance. They seem to be a victim of his actions! would you be saying this if the people in the car were white. no you would’t so keep your state medical aid obamacare comments 2 u self!

  • Alex

    Wow ‘Pam’ that is by far the most racist comment made so far! But since you brought up ‘white people’, they probably wouldn’t make it the communities issue to pay their medical expenses for a shady situation they got themselves into! And you are REALLY naive to think they didn’t know at least ONE illegal situation that guy was in! So why don’t you keep your unintelligent comments, that once again make white people the bad guy, to ‘u self’ next time!

    • pam

      So you just assumed I was black, NOT! its people like you with your racist views, and you said that white people wouldn’t make it the community issue to pay their medical expense, well the person asking is white, and we do it ALL the time, so who are we to judge! and Jessica C is just speaking from her heart, not the families. And let the truth be told u made this a black and white issue with your assumptions thinking i was black! not im one of YOU and perhaps if everyone should stop judging the severly injured in the accident for smith’s actions.

  • shelly

    Pam, these people were not “victims of his actions”. This boy has a known history of doing these type of things, they are just as guilty as him for even being in the same vehicle with him.

    • pam

      I disagree shelly, just like alex you are judging. do you really know all your friends, plus, i read on the other blog they were getting a ride, then he was PROFILED and he made the choice to out run the cops., so how does that make them guilty for his decision to try to outrun the police. Since when does getting a ride make you a criminal.
      I assume all my friends have a drivers license and car insurance.

  • Lynn

    Stop assuming and Shelly do you know this man? Well I do and if you don’t know him you can not speak on how he is…

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