A week dedicated to boat safety has officials saying stay off the river

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May 17 to May 23 is National Safe Boating Week and conservation officers from both sides of the river will be checking boats for all safety equipment, such as horns, fire extinguishers, and life preservers.

Many people have been looking forward to getting out on the water for Memorial Day weekend, but the Iowa Department of Natural Resources said it's probably not a good idea.

"We don't suggest taking the boat out right now. Currents are moving six to seven miles per hour and the water levels are very high," said Iowa DNR Conservation Officer, Ed Kocal. "It will probably be like that for the next two or three weeks."

Scott Brown likes to fish on the river but said he won't be taking his boat out on such high water levels.

"There's a lot of stuff floating on the top of the water and boaters are really cautious about taking their boats out," Brown said. "There's logs in the water and could get caught in the engine."

National Safe Boating Week comes after the boating accident on May 6, when a boat went under the rollers at the Lock and Dam 14, killing one and injuring several others.