Researchers find bacteria linked to STDs, pneumonia in dog saliva

It turns out that dogs don’t have the cleanest mouths around.

The verdict from a study that examined samples of dog saliva shows that you may want to think twice before sharing a kiss with your dog.

Saliva samples were collected from dogs in Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach and sent to a lab for examination, according to CBS Local Miami.

Microbiologist Dr. Julie Torruellas-Garcia from Nova Southeastern University said they found “quite a bit of bacteria.”

“One plate had so many bacteria mixed together that it was difficult to test,” said Dr. Torruellas-Garcia, according to the report.

CBS Miami reported that the microbiologist and her students said they found a type of bacteria that is linked to STDs, pneumonia, and plaque. They did not, however, find any traces of e-coli or bacteria that could cause a staph infection.

Although the bacteria are prominent, West Palm Beach Veterinarian Ken Simmons said organisms inside a dog’s mouth don’t last very long and are “gone in a matter of minutes.”

“I don’t think it’s a great idea to French kiss a dog, but having a normal lick on the face is no more dangerous than a peck on the cheek from your spouse,” Dr. Simmons said.


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