Illinois woman says she saw boy missing for three years

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Age-progression rendering of Timmothy Pitzen from NCMEC 5-9-14

An Illinois woman claimed she recently saw a child who looked like Timmothy Pitzen, a boy who has been missing for more than three years.

The last time anyone heard from Timmothy was May 13, 2011 when he spoke with a relative via his mother’s cell phone near Sterling, Illinois. Amy Fry-Pitzen had checked her son out of his school in Aurora, Illinois two days earlier.

Amy’s body was found in a Rockford motel room May 14, 2011. Police said she committed suicide and that she left a note saying Timmothy was safe, with someone who loved him and that he would never be found.

Timmothy was six years old when he disappeared, and he is nearly 10 years old now. On May 9, 2014, detectives released a forensic artist’s age-progression image of what Timmothy might look like now.

Detectives have maintained they believe Timmothy Pitzen is still alive.

A Rockton, Illinois woman told police she may have seen a boy who looks like Timmothy at a garage sale the same day the age-progression image was released according to the Chicago Tribune. Rockton is just south of Beloit, Wisconsin.

Police reportedly shared video clips of Timmothy with the woman in an effort to verify he is the child she saw.

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