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Adult woman jailed for posing as 15-year-old high school student

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Charity Johnson

A woman was arrested after police said she pretended to be 15 years old and spent months enrolled in a high school in east Texas.

Charity Johnson is accused of giving false or fictitious information when she posed as a high school sophomore. She enrolled in New Christian School in Longview, Texas as Charity Stevens in October 2013 according to ABC News.

She fooled teachers, classmates and a Tamica Lincoln, who took her in. Charity allegedly told Lincoln she had been abused by her biological father, and that both of her parents were now dead.

Lincoln’s suspicions about Charity eventually led to an arrest.

Investigators say Charity was leading a double life, pretending to be a sweet teenager with good grades and an active Facebook presence.

Jail records show she remained held in the Gregg County, Texas Jail, and that she is actually 31 years old.


  • James Hook

    Maybe she was an accountant for the mob and went into hiding at her cousins high school after witnessing a murder!? Oh! Wait, thats the movie Hiding Out, sorry!

  • Alice Wonder

    Some kids don’t get to have a childhood. It’s understandable that such a person would want to go back and relive things again. Stephen Hawking believes time travel is possible, and I guess Charity does as well. Hope she gets help and finds what was missing.

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