Nightmare construction project, contractor has “F” rating

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A Quad City couple says they were hoping for a piece of the American dream, but instead they are living a construction nightmare.

"This was supposed to be a bedroom for the grand kids. We are hard-working people, we got a little bit, but it's our money. We work for that, we earn it, we have never had nothing for free," said Lucy Martinez of Moline.

Lucy and her husband, Jesse, paid Art Beshears of Taylor Garages in Milan $34,000 to build a one-bedroom, one-bathroom room addition on the tiny house they've lived in for 40 years. Another $17,000 was supposed to be due upon completion.

That was in June of 2012.

The shell and frame of the addition are up, but nearly 23 months after the contract was signed and the check cashed, it is not even close to being finished.

The Martinez's cashed in part of their 401(k) to pay for the project, and even paid a $10,000 penalty for early withdrawal.

"In the beginning we were mad, but now I'm sick. I'm disappointed. He's taking advantage of us, because my English is not too good. He (my husband) is deaf, he talk to him, he ignore," Lucy Martinez said.

"He feels like all his work is for nothing. Down the drain," she said, crying.

Since December, Lucy has called Beshears about the job, leaving message after message, almost daily. She gets his answering machine.

When WQAD-TV tracked down Beshears, while he was bidding a new job for a garage in Rock Island, he admitted what he's done is wrong and promised to make it right.

"I'm not going to make any excuses," Beshears said.

Today, the Martinez's are still waiting for work to begin again, but they are not holding their breath.

Apparently, they aren't Beshears' only unsatisfied customer.  The Better Business Bureau says Beshears and Taylor Garages have been on its radar for three years.

"Taylor Garages currently has an "F" rating with the Better Business Bureau. We have seven complaints on file currently with Taylor Garages.  All of those complaints are related to customers that are not satisfied with their products or services. Out of the seven complaints, six of those are unanswered by the company itself," said Jamie McKenzie with the BBB out of Bettendorf.

The Martinez's may have to file a civil lawsuit to try and recoup their money.

"I want justice, it's not fair. You trust people, you think they're honest. The only thing they're good for is to take your money and walk away. And that's not fair. We work real hard," Lucy said.


  • DaBear

    seriously- whether she is jumping on a train or not- this guy has been walking around with $34,000 of THEIR money for 2 YEARS !!!! nothing he can say right now will fix that- he needs to get there pronto and give them back their money…i would have another contractor come in and give me an estimate for what is done and then i would DEMAND he return the balance- he is going to do a crappy job on it now anyway because they embarrassed him…and he has already proven his character…give them their money back and walk away…and ararielfett- your an idiot !

  • Amy

    He took advantage of my mom too! He took $15,000 from her to finish a condo and never did any work. He is a terrible person who steals from people promising them work!

  • Car Hold

    Sounds like Taylor “Garages” should stick to building garages and leave the remodeling to other companies. I know a happy Taylor made garage owner no pun intended.

  • Car Hold

    zakkodel how is that a bad statement that I made? If you took the law into your own hands and vandalised the vehicle they would merely call there insurance company the next day. You sound like a teenager that would do something like that. You probably should be grounded right now and have your cell phone and computer rights taken away.

    • zakkodel

      @car hold… Because you are trying to correlate these garages with taylor made golf clubs . Sounds like something a jr. High kid would do.

  • kelsey

    Taylor Garages has been in business for 23 years and has built thousands of garages with no complaints. Maybe both sides of the story should be told before you leave negative comments.

    • DaBear

      @kelsey- i guess you missed the part of the story about BBB giving this company an F…because of SEVERAL complaints…is this your dad or something ?

    • joanna reynolds

      chris minor gave him a chance to tell his side.. he admitted what he did ewas wrong.. he owes these people an explanation.

  • kelsey

    A lot more brains than someone who goes straight to, “I think we should take the law into our own hands and steal his truck tires and drain his oil pan.” You shouldn’t comment on things you know nothing about.

  • Scott

    I would have to ask – why do people go to a fast & cheap garage builder for an addition? However, people always think they are getting a deal from these type of con artists. Unfortunately, there are a lot of guys like this around the q.c. area. The BBB is ridiculous – if you advertise with them – they tend to wash away your blemishes. I agree this guy should be put out of business for good! He should have to pay real trades persons to do the job right – since building cheap garages does not qualify him for room additons.

  • Leaha

    Ask the beshears how their recent trip to Mexico was. wonder who’s money that trip was financed ?

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