Goodwill employee finds $2,000 in donated jacket, quickly looks for owner

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The goodwill of a person can be measured by what they give or what they do when no one is watching.

On Wednesday, May 14, 2014, Deborah Weiganet was sorting through clothes at the Clinton, Iowa Goodwill.

“And ran across this jacket of some sort, it was in the pocket, a couple of envelopes that were packed, so I checked them out and that's when I found the money,” said Weiganet.

“She pulled the money out of the envelope of one pocket and just handed it right over and said ‘There's a lot of money what should I do with this?'” said Jason Siglar who was working across from Deborah.

A lot of money as in almost $2,000.

“I was excited,” said Weiganet.

“She didn't even hesitate. She handed the money right over and said let's do the right thing with it,” said Siglar.

The money was traced back to the man who donated the coat. His wife has dementia so he was just cleaning out some of her clothes and didn’t even know the money was in the jacket.

“From what I hear, the family is going through some hard times so I'm just really glad that they were blessed with that,” said Siglar.

For Deborah, it was just a small measure of her goodwill.

“It made me feel good inside.”