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Distracted driving ruled out for crash that killed Bettendorf teen

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River Drive wreck 3-25-14 (WQAD Photo)

Investigators say distracted driving was not a factor in a crash that killed a Bettendorf teen, but what did cause the wreck remains a mystery.

Natalie Munoz, 18, died from injuries she suffered when the vehicle she was driving swerved into oncoming traffic as she traveled westbound on River Drive toward downtown Davenport Tuesday, March 25, 2014.  Her vehicle collided with an eastbound F250 pickup and an eastbound car. Police said the driver of the truck was not hurt and the driver of the car suffered minor injuries.

Investigators said they determined road conditions, speed and cell phone usage did not contribute to the crash.

“Investigators subpoenaed phone records which showed there were no phone calls or text messages sent or received (by Munoz) near the time of the crash.  Computer forensic experts from the Davenport Police Department examined Ms. Munoz’ cell phone and were able to determine that there did not appear to be any phone activity at or around the time of the crash,” said Davenport Police Capt. Paul Sikorski.

Dash cam video from a squad car that drove by the same location just before the wreck happened showed road conditions were also not a contributing factor.  Investigators said Munoz also was not speeding at the time of the crash.

“After evaluating extensive factual data from every conceivable condition or deficiency of the road, the vehicles, the drivers and witnesses, the crash investigators were unable to determine to any degree of certainty the cause for Ms. Munoz to lose control of her vehicle,” Sikorski said.

Natalie Munoz had recently graduated early from Bettendorf High School, and planned to attend classes at Scott Community College.

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