Caught on camera: Cat saves boy from dog attack

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WARNING: Video contains images of a dog attack and injuries that may be disturbing to some viewers.

Home surveillance cameras appear to have captured video as a dog attacked a little boy, and a cat came to the child’s rescue.

“My cat defends my son during a vicious dog attack and runs the dog off before he can do additional damage. Thankfully, my son is fine!” said a YouTube post by Roger Triantafilo of Bakersfield, California.

The video shows a boy riding his bike in front of the house, when a stray dog began to attack the child. Within seconds, the family’s cat intervened and chased the dog away.


  • Sean Byrum

    I have been attack by dog when I was kid and I was stuck because nobody around and somehow the strange male show up and pull me out. I was about 8 years old and now I am 43 years old and will NEVER forget the guy.

  • Tteeereview

    The breed of the dog doesn’t matter. Why people always ask ONG WHATS THE BREED?! SMH at people like you. It’s the owners, what breed are they? Seriously!! A chihuahua could have done that you know? So for anyone to instantly jump on a breed of the dog is irrelevant. I want to know if the owner was punished for a free roaming dog that obviously needs to be put down if it can attack someone like this announced. It’s sad but it’s true.

    • Austin

      The video shows a boy riding his bike in front of the house, when a stray dog began to attack the child.

      Did you not read what was posted, there is no owner to that dog it was a stray.

  • Tteeereview

    I knew the pit bull fact would be said. That’s so sad that people discriminate against the breed of the dog and that dog did NOT look like a pit or a pit mix. It’s head and body are to structurally small. Do you discriminate people the way you do animals?

  • Faith Smith-Maguire

    It wasn’t the Mom who saved that child, it was their cat. If you watch the video again, you will see the mom with the boy after the cat chased the dog off, then she takes off running leaving her son there! He then gets up and runs after her!! The dog was gone…where was she running? You don’t see her going to the other side of the car…..

  • samatha

    awesome…. however, I can’t believe that they would stitch it up. Tightly like that……

  • Jazz

    My sister had a pit that she raised from a puppy and they had to put her down because she became very aggressive towards people and animals including herself. I had a pit and he too has been with us since a pup and has made several attempts to lunge at me as well. I hate to say it but the breed is definitely known for that and will continue to be. Its in their blood.

    • Tmc

      I beleive you are correct in that with the constant in breeding of this particular dog that you take a chance when owning a pit bull. sorry to say, but the statistics don’t lie. T

    • Pitmom

      We rescue pits, I have 4 currently in my home. Prior to these 4 I had 2 that lived to 13 and 15, never and I do mean NEVER have I had a bad pit bull. I was attacked by a lab mix as a child. It is clear, you do not have the ability to train a dog. When you have bad kids do you blame them or the parents…… Hmmmm…….

  • gene string

    Ya, a chuhauhau is gonna murder someone. Let me guess, you own a pit or rott, and your dog is an angel? LOL. everyone hates you.

    • LittleMiss

      Just because it cannot do much damage does not mean that it’s not as vicious. As many other people say it is down to the owner. If there dog attacks people then they have failed that dog. All different type’s of breeds attack people but you only hear about the Pitballs, Rottweilers, Bullmastiffs and Dobermans because they are a lot stronger and do more damage. I know more nasty vicious Chiwawa, Poodles, Jack Russel and Puggs than any other breed and most people I know have been bitten by little dogs.

  • Peggy Hopper

    I’m an animal lover and dog owner. I don’t care what breed the dog is. It needs to be put down. It was an unprovoked attack and very violent. Unfortunately this is happening more and more. I hope animal control is searching for this animal.

  • Steven

    The laws should be strict enough to punish the irresponsible dog owners. If they cannot control their dogs, they should not have one. May children have also died from dog attacks in Australia. Poor boy!

  • bob

    For you people how discriminate against pits, shame on you. Its not the breed it is how you raise it. Its like saying all black people and meicans steal. No it is the environment they live in.

    • nancy

      Pits and Chows attack to kill. It is the breed. Granted responsible owner discipline may offset it the instict is bred. Shepards will attack to protect. The attack is not to kill. Simple and get over it


    You people who think breed doesn’t matter, you’re simply wrong. I’ve raised and trained dogs for years. We use bird dogs for a reason; these BREEDS were bred to hunt birds and they carry that instinct today. The same applies to our use of working dogs (Malinois, Shepherd, Dobermann) for schutzhund/protection/K9 work because they are BRED for their working mind/aptitude. We use all different BREEDS because they have innate instincts that help them be successful at high levels at their “jobs.” Pits are no different; the BREED has specific instincts that we humans bred into them. There are always exceptions (certain instincts in a breed not expected to have them; lack of instinct in a BREED we’d expect to see them in) but the general rule of choosing the right breed for the right job (even if that is “family pet”) is the same. To ignore it, and succumb to a knee-jerk response that the BREED doesn’t matter ignores reality. Dog are best matched (disposition to “job/life”). When people embrace a BREED with working/hunting/fighting instincts bred in (purposefully) and ignore all that the generations of intentional breeding have created, these kinds of situations will continue to occur. LINES matter within a breed (show lines versus working lines). But people are generally looking for a cheap dog from a backyard breeder. Pit owners are often looking for a tough dog. To later ignorantly claim that the BREED doesn’t matter just makes it clear that while clearly have a love for the dogs, you have little knowledge of what impact breeding for character/aptitude/ability/instinct has in REAL life.
    Stepping off my soapbox. Just choose your breed wisely for your situations and your ability to train/control your dog.

    • Pitmom

      Clearly you do not know what you are talking about. Pit Bulls were originally called the “nanny dog” as they are the best babysitters for children.
      The dog in this video is Not a Pitbull but a chow/lab mix.

  • brady

    Awesome Cat. Love cats AND dogs, have owned both my entire life. Breed however, DOES MATTER. What does the term “breed” mean (in this context of course)? You ding-dongs and Caesar just don’t get it. “Education” shows that BREED is everything. A creature that has been bred to kill will kill. What is it you people don’t get?

  • Heather Disch

    Seriously… most attacks are by a pit bull? Where do you get your statistics? That’s rather prejudiced. Any… ANY… dog can attack someone. I’ve known the sweetest pits on earth, and the most vicious toy poodles and chihuahuas. It depends on how the dog is trained or raised. Even strays who might likely have had previous owners go by what they were taught. No dog breed is innately vicious. It’s what they’re trained to do, how they are treated, that causes viciousness.

  • Pitmom

    That is NOT a pit bull, never has a pit bull had a snout long like that and a head so small in comparison to it’s body. They also do not have hair like that. Clearly you know NOTHING about dogs.

  • Joe

    If it was a pit bull it would be in the headlines!!

    Since it wasn’t a pit bull they call it a dog.

    It was an unusual attack therefor it got attention but if you call the news about a lab attacking a child they won’t report it. If you call about a pit bull or pit bull mix attacking a child they will be there immediately. That’s why it’s important for people to know what breed the dog was. The news needs to be fair and report all dog attacks and the name of their breed.

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