Paying a big price in Champaign

John Groce has suspended Darius Paul for the entire upcomig season for what the illini coach called "multiple transgressions".  The transfer from Western Michigan was arrested last month for underage drinking and resisting arrest.  In a statement,  Groce called the decuison what's best for the men's basketball teams and a penalty that's "necessay to help Darius as a person."  Paul will not be on scholarship next season.

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  • Amy, Galesburg, IL

    It is refreshing to hear a story about someone being held accountable for their actions. Too many times, persons in the spotlight (actors, athletes, politicians) seem to think they can mutter an apology and it makes everything okay. Kudos to Mr. Groce for standing up and making a stand on this. He could have too easily done nothing, and maybe this student would have been allowed to continue to play, maybe would have kept his scholarship. If he’d done nothing, this would not have been a news story, none of us would have been the wiser, and Paul would not have learned a valuable life lesson.

  • Ron

    Does anybody spell check these articles? I count three spelling errors, and “Illini” was not capitalized.

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