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Students turn cardboard into boats

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Dozens of high school students put their cardboard creations to the test at the Cardboard Boat Regatta.

Students from Bettendorf, Pleasant Valley, Moline, Durant, and Alleman high schools gathered Friday, May 9, 2014 at the Middle Park Lagoon.

There were more than 80 students competing and the event was judged by the Quad City Engineering Organization.

The objective was to build a one-man vessel made completely of cardboard. The crafts had to be able to stay afloat for about 600 yards. Students were allowed to make their boats waterproof by using a liquid sealant.

Pleasant Valley senior, Sam Kueter said the event was “a lot of fun” and she wishes she could do it again.

“I wish I would have done this a lot earlier in high school, so I could have chances to improve on what I’ve done,” Kueter said.

The teachers even got to square-off with their own designs.