New map tool shows which school Moline kids will attend

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Moline school boundaries map

Moline school students and their parents can get a clear understanding of where new school boundaries are, using an online tool provided by the school district.

The Moline School Board approved new boundaries for schools at their meeting Monday, April 28, 2014. Attendance boundaries were reconfigured after the district announced Ericsson and Garfield schools would close, and Hamilton School is expanding.

District officials say the changes will balance class sizes, reduce split grade level classes and put more students in buildings with air conditioning.

Ericsson students will attend Lincoln-Irving School and Garfield students will attend the new Hamilton Elementary. Hamilton will also add some students from Lincoln-Irving, Willard and Butterworth schools.

Some Willard students will move to Logan School, some Roosevelt students will move to Jane Addams and some Logan and Jane Addams students will move to Roosevelt.

The district created an online tool to help you confirm where your student(s) will attend school in the new boundaries. By typing your address in the search bar, you can determine which school children at your address would attend. To access that tool, click here.

District leaders have made adjustments for families of fifth-graders and for children entering kindergarten.

Families affected by the changes will get letters from the school district. The new boundaries are effective for the 2015-2016 school year.