Woman unleashes Facebook fury over real estate agent note to her grandparents

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A New Jersey woman took to Facebook to blast a real estate agent who allegedly left an angry note at her grandparents’ house.

The note basically told the Barbara and Bill Doughten, who are reportedly in their eighties, that they were bad neighbors.

The couple’s granddaughter, Stephanie Powley, said they got the note in the mail and when she found it, she posted it online.

The note includes a complaint about a car parked sideways on the front lawn instead of in the driveway.

“I’m trying to sell million dollar homes in the neighborhood,” the note reads, “I drive my clients around and they see your car parked sideways on the front lawn! You have a driveway – use it!”

Powley fired back in a lengthy Facebook post, calling the note’s author “unprofessional”, a “coward” and a “pretentious douche bag” for mailing a “sloppy” handwritten note with no return address.

“My grandparents have lived in Ocean City for longer than I’m sure you’ve been alive – and then some. They are loved and treated with respect by all of their surrounding neighbors – who all know why they park the way they park,” Powley’s post said. She claims her grandfather parks that way to be closer to his front door.

“What they do with the MILLION DOLLAR home and adjoining lot THEY OWN, is not your business or the business of your clients,” Powley’s post said.


  • Lynn Wirth

    I moved to a new neighborhood, share a drive with my neighbors. When everyone is at my house I park in my yard instead of lil road and someone called cops saying it was a eyesore. If I have no rock in grass I cant park there, well guess what neighbors Orson I have ordered up a small about of rock, he he

  • Elizabeth Tornblom

    That was totally unprofessional and uncalled for. Quite frankly, if it were me, I’d have my entire family parking on my grass after that, and anybody else I could find who wanted to as well. What ever happened to people minding their own f-ing business.

  • joe

    Carrie, I have to ask, If you can’t even park how you want on your own property, then do you really own it? I can not believe that people are not fed up with being controlled. Every decision you make is being controlled. There is only an illusion of freedom. How can you own something if you have to pay taxes on it forever? You are forced to live how the government tells you to, act how they tell you to, and even forced to get medical care. I’m sorry but this is not the America land of the free anymore. It’s the home of the subjects. Subject to hundreds of thousands of laws and codes and statutes and regulation and city ordinances. Its just plain oppressive.

    • gary frazelle

      Then Joe if you don’t like the laws statues or regulations then move out of this Country.

    • Gina

      I agree 100% with Joe. And the person who commented saying to move, If the truth hurts, too bad. You sound like an Obama lover to me.

  • ararielfett

    “What they do with the MILLION DOLLAR home and adjoining lot THEY OWN, is not your business or the business of your clients,”

    EXACTLY! If someone wants to park ON THEIR LAWN, they have that right and own the property. No one, not even the law, has the right to say what you can and can’t do on your own property, especially when you’re not even hurting anyone.

    • joe

      Oh but they do tell people what to do on and with their own land. Everyday, law enforcement helps strip our personal freedoms away. Slowly but surely we are becoming a police state. We are heading into a one world communist government.

      And gary frazelle, how about we just take America back instead of stick our heads in the sand and pretend there is not problem. I don’t have to move out of this country I was born free on this earth, no matter where I happen to be, I’m a freeman. I am not a subject.

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