Regional Tae Kwon Do tournament held in Bettendorf

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A regional Tae Kwon Do tournament was held in Bettendorf, and the event attracted athletes of all ages.

Chung Kim’s 42nd Annual U.S. Open Metropolitan Tae Kwon Do Championship was held at Bettendorf High School on Saturday, May 3, 2014. Master Bill Richardson, the senior instructor in charge of the tournament said there were competitors from age four to 70 at the event.

“It’s really beautiful to watch to see all the different people out there competing and having fun with martial arts,” said Richardson.

Richardson said martial arts is aimed at teaching self-defense, but also self-control, self-esteem, and self-respect. The tournament also helps athletes get out of their comfort zones.

“Physical benefits are amazing, but the mental benefits are what’s really amazing,” Richardson said. “It helps you relax, calm down, get rid of that stress, so it’s a great thing to start.”

More than 450 trophies were awarded for board breaking, forms, and more.