Iowa man walking to raise foster care awareness stops in Davenport

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Walking for a cause, an Iowa man stopped in Davenport on his quest to raise awareness about foster care.

On his walking mission, Chris Barnett, a former foster child himself, stopped in Davenport Monday, May 5, 2014 on his way to Walcott.

Barnett is an employee of Iowa KidsNet, which is a collection of agencies working to place foster children in safe homes. He said through his work with the organization, he can see the impact on kids when no foster family is available.

“I did go to two different homes,” Barnett said. “They did a wonderful job of supporting me, bringing me through, teaching me that there was a different way of living, versus an abusive environment.”

According to Iowa KidsNet, May is National Foster Care Month. If you’d like more information on the organization, or how to become a foster parent – click here.