Men charged after ducks and squirrels shot at Credit Island Park

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Four men face criminal charges after they allegedly used a pellet gun to shoot ducks and squirrels at Credit Island Park.

Kevin Baskins of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources said two mallard ducks and two black squirrels were shot Sunday, May 4, 2014.  The DNR issued criminal citations in connection with the shootings.

"We arrived on the scene and there was a little bit of a language barrier," said Jeff Harrison, the Iowa DNR officer who handled the case. "Only one of the individuals of the four spoke enough English, to kind of understand and explain what was going on."

Police said two of the men were from Wisconsin, and they were visiting the other two men in Rock Island for the weekend and they were preparing a feast to celebrate their Asian heritage.

"The two from Wisconsin had indicated that they'd sure like to have some ducks for dinner and, unfortunately, they went and got a pellet gun and drove around," Harrison said.

Hay Seet, 19, of Rock Island, Illinois was charged with hunting without a license, hunting out of season, failure to have a federal waterfowl stamp and for shooting waterfowl with lead shot, Baskins said.

Kaw Hae, 18, of Rock Island was also charged with on e count of hunting without a license and taking a game bird out of season.

Htoo Kler, 19 and Aung Win, 43, both of Waukesha, Wisconsin, were also each charged with hunting without a license and taking a game bird out of season.

The four men have a May 28th court date, they can either show up and appeal them or simply pay the fines.



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      • Drewbster

        Legal immigration is fine, when controlled. My ancestors wanted to become Americans, worked hard, received no Govt. assistance. As opposed to wanting to give away one of the worlds greatest gifts, American Citizenship, for free. Nothing is free.

    • WendyWhiner

      Though I’m not sure what your misinformed opinion has to do with the story at all, what I am sure about is that your ancestors were met with the exact same prejudice, hatred and xenophobia as today’s immigrants. “Them’s takin’ our jobs!” sort of thing. You can read about it in a *b-o-o-k*.

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  • The Governor

    “Citations” Oh, that’s nice. Had they shot a human it’d be murder. Gotta love how they treat animals like trash.

  • joe

    These men have the God given right to forage for food. The government does not own the animals. I will kill and eat whatever I want, whenever I want. The same goes for fishing. The earth does not belong to the government. God gave it to the people long before the government claimed rights to all living things.

  • bootness

    Sounds like an unfortunate cultural misunderstanding. I have seen Asian families hunting ducks in the duck ponds near my house before with nets… no one told them about hunting licenses, LOL. I think a small fine and some education would be appropriate.

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