Son sends “Goodbye Mama” text just before fatal tornado

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A mother says she could only share text messages with her son as a deadly tornado headed straight for him in Arkansas.

Jeffrey Hunter, of Vilonia, Arkansas, died April 27 of injuries he suffered when an EF-4 tornado tore through his town. He was a college senior.

His mother, Regina Wood, was in her home 20 miles away.

She was helpless.

“First he said, ‘Mama, I’m so scared,’” Wood said. All she could think to do was to answer by sending a text saying he would be ok.

“It’s heading right for me,” Jeffrey texted.

Moments before the tornado struck, Jeffrey sent his mother one final message, “Goodbye Mama.”

Jeffrey Hunter was later found unconscious on the ground. He died of his injuries.

Regina says she has found comfort in the knowledge that her son thought to say goodbye to her as the tornado headed his way, according to KNWA.

At least 16 people died across Arkansas in the storms that included the tornado that killed Jeffrey Hunter.


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