School board meeting gives few answers in Milledgeville’s explicit photos investigation

Parents in Milledgeville, Illinois hoped to learn more about allegations high school students shared sexually explicit images of a classmate on their cell phones, but answers were hard to come by at a special meeting.

The Chadwick-Milledgeville School Board held a closed door, special meeting on Monday, May 5, 2014.

The meeting comes after Milledgeville, Illinois Police were investigating allegations of students at Milledgeville High School sharing sexually explicit photos of another student using Snapchat.

“I can only report that it’s a special board meeting consisting of a closed session and we’ll be discussing personal matter and student disciplinary matter,” said Superintendent Tim Schurman.

Several people attended the open part of the meeting. Many of them with concerns about how the district will handle the investigation.

“I really hope they’ll take some measures that will cause young people to think before they do some of the things they do,” said Diane Bracken, a former teacher.

“What I can say is that whenever we have a student disciplinary matter and concerns such as harassment or hazing are brought to our attention, we immediately begin a swift and thorough investigation of the matter and if the evidence in fact dictates a punishment or some sort of consequence, close punishments are handed down,” said Schurman.

The closed meeting lasted nearly two hours.


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