Noise complaints, smell of marijuana leads to W. Burlington drug bust

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After receiving noise complaints and sensing a strong smell of marijuana at a West Burlington recording studio, police got a search warrant and made several arrests.

The Des Moines County sheriff’s Office said on Sunday, May 4, 2014 around 2 a.m. officers responded to Studio B in the 14,000 block of Washington Road. Upon arrival, they smelled marijuana coming from the building.

Police said around 4 a.m. officers from several law agencies served a search warrant and arrested six.

Des Moines County Sheriff’s Office said two people, 32-year-old Andre William Trotter and 24-year-old Kiara Shawnta Harris, were arrested for possession of a controlled substance. Andre Darrell Jones, Jr., age 21, was also arrested for possession of a controlled substance as well as for carrying weapons.

Three more were arrested for other charges including failure to appear and interfering with official acts, police said.

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