Motorcyclists are ‘going to start riding, so start looking’

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As the weather gets nicer, more motorcyclists will start taking to the roads.

To help keep motorcyclists safe on the road, the Bi-State Motorcycle Awareness Council held an awareness event at the Davenport West High School parking lot on Saturday, May 3, 2014.

The event included a bike blessing, motorcycle awareness proclamations from local mayors, vendors, dealerships, a bike show with trophies, and a free fun run with prizes.

Treasurer of the Bi-State Motorcycle Awareness Council, Rusty Harmening, said the 2014 event was different from years past.

“We’ve done the parade for many years and it was getting a little too expensive,” Harmening said. “[W]e decided to take a little bit of money we had left and turn it into something we think will be more educational and get more into the public than what we were doing before.”

A semi-truck was on site for people to climb into to see what a driver may see. Harmening said this could help to change riders’ perceptions on the street.

Harmening said about a month after she got her first bike she was hit by a car. A couple years after the crash, she learned about the awareness organization and has been involved ever since.

“It’s very important because a motorcycle is small,” Harmening said. “We can hide behind the strip in your car that holds your windshield, a traffic sign, a telephone pole. So we preach this: Look twice and save a life.”

Organizers hoped by holding the event that it would help motorcyclists and drivers get the chance to walk in each other’s shoes and cooperate with each other. Harmening said a big take-away point from the event was out that they’re “going to start riding, so start looking.”

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  • WendyWhiner

    I support motorcyclists’ right to ride but I have to say this: I see motorcyclists ‘cowboy/girl’ing it up quite a bit around the QCA. Maybe motorcycle advocates should also focus on educating riders themselves, especially the young ones who’s egos match their enormous alcohol intake any given weekend. I saw a pack of bikers actually stop traffic *themselves* at the foot of the Centennial Bridge one afternoon, so that they could travel through the light!

    Also, loud pipes might save lives, but they also wake up sleeping babies.

    *Ever notice how loud bikes don’t get tickets for violating the noise ordinance?*

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