‘Cinderella’ procedure alters feet for comfort in shoes

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A California doctor created the “Cinderella” procedure to meet the demands of patients who wanted changes to their feet.

The New York Times reported that when podiatrist, Dr. Ali Sadrieh started his Beverly Hills practice, Evo Advanced Foot Surgery, he found that patients were asking for corrective surgery to their feet so they could better fit into certain shoes.

“Patients would bring in shoes they dreamed of wearing,” he said, according to the NY Times report. “On the surface, it looked shallow. But I came to see she needs these shoes to project confidence, they are part of her outside skin.”

The Cinderella procedure was created to meet their needs. Other procedures he performs are the “Perfect 10!” which is aesthetic toe shortening, the “Model T” which lengthens toes, and a Foot Tuck which is a fat-pad augmentation, said the report.

The founder of NYC Footcare, Dr. Oliver Zong, does similar procedures. He said he was the originator of the “foot face-lift and toe tuck,” and corrects conditions like “High Heel Foot” which is a term he created to describe feet that have begun to take shape of stilettos, and “Hitchhiker’s Toe” which is apparently a large big toe that sticks out.

But not all doctors are willing to perform these surgeries.

According to the report, chief of the foot and ankle service and attending orthopedic surgeon at the Hospital for Special Surgery, Dr. Jonathan T. Dreland, said foot function is what is most important.

“If we’re just talking about three-and-a-half-inch heel stilettos that cause pain and if they wear a two-and-a-half-inch heel with no pain, then that’s probably not a good reason to do surgery,” Dreland said, according to the report.

While these doctors have many procedures they can perform, the NY Times reported that some requests are simply unfulfillable. Dr. Suzanne Levine, who has a podiatry clinic in New York was once asked by a patient to perform “toe liposuction.” She refused.

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