Sober woman fights OWI charge after deputy runs stop sign and crashes into her car

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A Wisconsin woman says she has spent more than a year fighting drunk driving charges and trying to get her medical bills paid after a sheriff’s deputy crashed into her car and then arrested her.

Milwaukee County Deputy Sheriff Joseph Quiles was working a night shift when his patrol car t-boned a Toyota Camry as it passed by him the night of Wednesday, February 20, 2013.

The driver of that car, Tanya Weyker, suffered a broken neck in the collision; she was injured so severely she could not blow into a breathalyzer according to our sister station WITI-TV. Weyker was arrested for alleged OWI, but results of a blood test taken at the hospital showed Weyker had no alcohol or drugs in her system at the time of the crash. The district attorney eventually declined to file charges.

Weyker has filed a complaint against the deputy who arrested her, claiming he made up his version of the story to protect himself and his department.

Quiles initially reported he had stopped at a stop sign before proceeding, but he later admitted he rolled through a stop sign and was at fault. He was suspended for nine days for violating traffic laws and damaging county equipment, but WITI reported he was not disciplined for inaccurate information on the incident report.


  • Dan Frain

    Filing a false report would get you or me arrested. Why not this deputy?

    He should go to jail, lose his job, AND his LE certification.

  • Luke

    The Sheriff is the one responsible for his officers. It sure doesn’t sound like he did his job either.

    Oh, and you may disagree with this one but she doesn’t deserve compensation for her medical bills or car from the Sheriff’s department. That’s taxpayer money. Her insurance should cover her and they would probably go after the deputy to recoup their losses.

    OH WAIT…. she’s from Wisconsin. She probably didn’t have insurance so that’s why she’s in debt for medical bills. The worlds a dangerous place and I think the deputy should pay for her bills but she needs to take him to civil court to make that happen. That said, I personally see no difference between this and say if you were to get hit by a car on accident because they weren’t paying attention. The driver would have to pay the bills (if you do your part and make them or they are just a decent person and offer) and you both go on with your lives hopefully learning something in the process. Unless the cop did it on purpose it was an accident and although he shouldn’t of lied and made things more unpleasant for everyone involved he’s also human and probably wasn’t thinking clearly. Since he obviously can’t think clearly, he needs more training or a different profession.

    As far as the comment above, I think his certification should be suspended or temp revoked. One mistake (even though it was a pretty big one) doesn’t mean it should ruin his life either. Punishment should be up the the Sheriff, State’s Attorney, and a Judge. However, I feel that most times those people like mentioned above are not doing their jobs either..

    • Dixie

      Well Luke you obviously don’t understand medical payments on an insurance policy. Once payments run out on a policy you’re responsible. Read your policy if you have a policy. So you assume that because she is from WI that she didn’t have insurance? Don’t comment on victims, yes she was a victim, unless your facts are correct. She does deserve compensation from the Sheriff’s Dept. He was at fault as he lamely admitted. He needs to pay. He obviously changed her life forever. Your comparisons are ridiculous and unfounded. I hope she gets what she so deserves. I’m pretty sure that “get on with your life” would have an entire different meaning if this actually involved you or a loved one. If this so called Police Officer was paying attention, you wouldn’t have to worry about your tax dollars.

  • Betty Clift

    I call foul, foul, foul. This is not a cop who cause the accident , it’s a pig! One of the lowest critters on earth. No to be held responsible for something he cause is one thing, but blaming in on someone else is another. I hope he gets nailed BIG TIME!

  • Joe S

    Why is this “cop” not in jail? Why hasn’t some injury lawyer come forward and pursued this? Either the system is corrupt, or there’s more to this story than we’re being told.

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