Several Viola businesses burglarized

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At least a half-dozen businesses were broken into on the same night in Viola, Illinois.

In each case, it appeared someone forced their way into the business through a door.

All of the crimes were discovered early Friday morning, May 2, 2014.  Police said they got the first call at Ricky's Cafe at about 5 a.m., and that's when they began looking around and found other businesses had been burglarized.

Crime scene investigators continued their work in the area for hours after the break-ins were discovered.

Among the businesses involved were Image Design beauty salon at 1607 17th Street; Ricky's Cafe at 1707 13th Street, Sheppard Street Restaurant and Creamery at 1003 13th Street, Crop Production Services at 1813 17th Avenue, Auto Werks at 1605 14th Street and Yerkey Veterinary Services at 1802 17th Avenue.

Initial reports also indicated the door to the Viola Fire Station, at 1713 13th Street, was also reportedly kicked in, but that was later proven incorrect.

Police said some cash was taken from the veterinarian's office.  About five dollars worth of pennies were taken from Ricky's Cafe, and a mess was left behind there after the break-in.

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  • Ms. Johnson

    Just 10 miles away, several business and garages were broken into on the same night…in Alexis. But no news about that.

  • Terry Thompson

    I was the first to call in. Sad in a small town when this happens. Western Illinois realty door was among those as well, which me and an employee noticed that door ajar. We have customers from Alexis who also told us that 3 businesses were broke into there. They told us a convenient store,
    Grocery store and another business

  • Shellie

    If they stole $5 worth of Pennies, do you think they have a spare set of tires for their vehicle?

  • Terry Thompson

    I don’t care about the $5.00 in penny’s they stole from us or if they have a spare tire….we’re a small town and it’s scary to think I could have walked in on them and that’s what matters all of our saftey

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