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Plunging for charity takes off in Mercer County

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It's an act of kindness that's gone viral, requiring people to take a plunge into water.

The Mercer County varsity softball team is taking a break from the field to take a dip in a pool. That pool water is 51 degrees.

"It was freezing," said softball player, Jessica Brooks.

You might think they're crazy, but it's trending in Mercer County. They're calling it the polar plunge and once you've been challenged, its your turn to take a dive.

"Before they do the plunge, they say their name and who they're going to call out and what foundation they're donating to," Brooks explaining how it works.

Videos all over Facebook of teachers, neighbors, friends and family, no one is safe from taking the plunge.

"All of a sudden one day like it blew up and then it seems like the whole town of Aledo got called out," said Symone Silva, who jumped for charity.

As the sun started to go down, you could find more jumpers waiting to take a leap.

"I was completely insane for even thinking about jumping off a bridge. It's a long way down," said Silva.

For Tab Balmer it's his second go around.

"It takes your breath away," said Balmer.

Their advice for future jumpers is to be ready because you never know, your turn could be next.

"Good luck to those who still have to plunge," said Silva.

You don't have to plunge if you don't want to. The person who nominated you would choose a charity of their choice for you to donate money to.


  • Destinee

    I don’t know if you guys know this but jumping off the bay bridge is illeagle and now it’s on the news…. Just putting that out there

  • PayItForwardMercerCounty

    All of that of a great group of people doing something fun and for charity, and all you had was criticism?

  • Mary

    It’s a great thing that for those of us living in Aledo and small surrounding towns, our police are more concerned with actual crime rather than going after young people for “illeagle” acts of jumping off bridges to raise money for charity. There’s seriously a movement going on in the Mercer County area, and for once I’m actually proud to say I’m from Aledo. There have been so many negative stories about Aledo recently. We finally seem to have done something right. I’ve heard so many criticisms lately of the polar plunge. To pretty much every critic I say: Who cares?? Who really cares if it’s not truly “polar”? Who cares if it’s just a fad? It’s a pretty good fad to be “in style” if you ask me. It’s a good cause and whether it dies off or continues in another form…we have impacted change. Large or small…it’s still a change for the better.

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