One man airlifted to Iowa City in road rage incident

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Moline police say they are still investigating a road rage incident that sent one man to an Iowa City hospital.

It happened at 7th Avenue and 15th Street on Thursday just after noon. Police say words were exchanged between two motorists, punches thrown, and one man was found lying in the street unconscious. He was airlifted to University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics in Iowa City. His condition has not been released.

"There was a man lying down in the street, he couldn't get up, it was serious," said Jesus Cruz, owner of a nearby barber shop.

Investigators at this point are still trying to piece together what happened, but say the men were yelling at each other. One exited his car to go to work at Olson's Auto on the corner, the other man stopped his car in traffic, put it in park, and approached the man on foot.

In an off-camera interview at Olson's, the man said he was confronted by the other driver, and hit in the face first.

"He proceeded to berate me, then he walked away, he must have had a change of heart. He said something about kicking my a--, and he came at me. He came with his fists blazing and I threw him to the ground and I hit him a couple of times," he said.

"All I'm concerned about right now is he's okay," he said.

Right now, no charges have been filed against anyone in the case.

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  • Jeremy

    haha sounds like somebody got taught a lesson. Punks always try to act tough like wannabe gangsters but usually they are like bullies…..hit them a few times and they learn their lesson.

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