Farmers Market season kicks off this weekend

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Davenport's Freight House Farmers Market kicks off its summer season on Saturday. The cool, wet spring, though, has caused some problems for growers looking to sell their produce.

"Right away you will see lettuces and spinach at the market, that's what we have going now... radishes and such. But a lot of the bigger produce -- the tomatoes, local peppers, those things -- it's gonna take awhile to kick those things off," said Ed Kraklio.

Kraklio operates Nostalgia Farm and the Fresh Deli at the Freight House. Friday, he was busy stocking the shelves at the restaurant with breads and baked goods. In the kitchen, workers whipped up extra batches of cookies and fruit salad, all in preparation for Saturday.

"We assume that just like last year, we're going to have a line to the door," said Kraklio.

The weather, though, may limit what produce is for sale.

"It's been a little slow... Even with our high tunnels, it has not given us the break that we needed, just simply because we haven't had the intense sunlight on a regular basis," said Kraklio.

At Wolf Ridge Gardens and Greenhouse in Geneseo, Illinois, it's a similar story.

"It hasn't been very good at all. With the cold, we've been trying to protect the stuff as much as possible, so we've brought it all in the greenhouse until we know how the weather's going to turn out," said Sandy Gray.

Wolf Ridge Gardens, though, will have plenty of flowers for sale on Saturday at the market, including hanging baskets, perennials, and annuals.

The Freight House outdoor market opens Saturday, May 3, 2014, at 8 a.m. The grand summer opening will include live music, a bounce house for kids, and a variety of vendors.