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Habitat Restore wins award for keeping materials out of landfills

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Habitat for Humanity QC Restore, logo from restore's website

Habitat Restore was recognized for its part in helping keep reusable materials out of area landfills.

The Davenport organization was nominated by the Waste Commission of Scott County for one of the 50 Solid Waste Association of North America’s Unsung Heroes awards.

Director of Habitat Restore, Cindy Kuhn said they received the award for diverting materials from area landfills. Over the last 11 years, the organization has gone from only diverting building materials to diverting furniture and also home medical equipment. They have successfully kept 10 million pounds of merchandise, scrap metal, paper goods, and more out of the landfill.

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“That’s really a rewarding thing for us, and also for the donors when they give merchandise to us,” said Kuhn. “That merchandise gets turned into cash and that cash supports the local building of Habitat for Humanity and helps a lot of people in the community.”

Kuhn said when she looks around the store, she sees loads of materials that would have been in a landfill somewhere.

Each week 50-60 volunteers come in to help place materials.