Clerk of small Iowa town caught writing city checks to herself

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State auditors say the former clerk for Kinross, Iowa – population 70 – admitted to taking thousands of dollars from the city account, and trying to deposit personal checks to cover it up.

Tony Miller was part-time city clerk of Kinross from October 2005 until she resigned in October 2013.

A report from Iowa State Auditor Mary Mosiman said auditors found $20,315.07 worth of “improper and unsupported disbursements,” including $16,726.27 in unauthorized payments to Miller.

The report said Miller told investigators she began writing checks to herself from the city account in 2009. She admitted to keeping cash payments made to the city twice, instead of depositing those payments into the city’s bank account. Miller also confessed to depositing a personal check for more than $2,400 into the city’s account to pay back some of the missing money.

Accurate records of city receipts and payments were missing for many transactions during Miller’s tenure as Kinross city clerk.

The report said Miller was caught when the local bank called the mayor to ask about a $1,000 check that was drawn on the city account and made out to Miller.

Miller’s salary from Kinross was $500 to $600 per year.