HGTV show focuses on Iowa residents’ homes

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Iowa residents have the opportunity to share the interesting stories from the past that their homes may hold.

During May of 2014 producers from the HGTV show “Who’s Lived in My House?” planned to focus on Iowa homes for the show, said the Vice President of Marketing and Communications for the QC Convention and Visitors Bureau, Charlotte Doehler-Morrison.

Doehler-Morrison said if you or someone you know has an interesting story of your house’s former occupants or happenings, HGTV wants to hear from you.

“Did a former president or politician live in your home? Was your home a hotbed for contraband liquor during the depression? Did you discover a secret passage that once housed runaway slaves during the Civil War? Perhaps your home may have a secret you never imagined…”

To submit your home, send an email including your name, age, location, photos, and as much detail about your home its stories to: Your email should have the subject line “Who’s Lived in My House? – Iowa”