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Girl hides dog bite, now needs rabies shots

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Ten-year-old Annalee Bargmann may have to get rabies shots now after she was bit by a dog.

The young girl was playing with a tennis ball Tuesday evening, April 22, 2014, near Garfield Elementary School in Davenport, Iowa, when she dropped the ball.  When she reached down to pick up the ball, a dog ran to the end of its retractable leash and bit Annalee on the leg.

No one noticed she was bit until after she left the fields, because she hid the bite mark under a blanket.

She said she loves animals and didn't want to get the dog in trouble.

She later told her grandmother about the incident, and her grandma called Annalee's parents.

"We immediately started looking around the park for a person matching the description," said Annalee's mother, Christina Bargmann. "We took her to the doctor the next day and she had a tetanus shot, but they told us she would have to get the rabies vaccination to be safe."

The dog that bit Anna was described as a rust-colored Dachshund.  The dog's owner was described as heavy-set man in his 30s or 40s, with dark brown hair. He also may have had a small, white fluffy dog with him as well.

If the family doesn't hear from the dog owner by Friday, they will have to take Annalee to get rabies vaccinations. They ask anyone who has information on the dog and it's owner to please contact Davenport Animal Control at 563-388-6655.


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