Burlington middle school students suspended for writing ‘inappropriate’ lyrics

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Two middle school students from Burlington were reportedly suspended for writing a rap song during class that included “very inappropriate things.”

KCRG reported that two 13-year-old students at Aldo Leopold Middle School were suspended after a teacher found them writing a rap song in early April 2014. KCRG says a report by The Hawk Eye indicates that authorities were called to the school at the time of the incident, and a police report states that the boys referred to themselves as gang members and made mention of killing people.

According to the report, no legal action was taken.

The school’s principal said the students were suspended because their lyrics said “very inappropriate things,” according to KCRG. The length of the students’ suspensions were unknown.

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  • The Governor

    These gang banging losers will probably be killed before they’re 15. Definitely a much needed action.

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