Video: Two- and six-year-old get patted down by TSA

TSA pats down child

A father says he was shocked when TSA agents conducted full-body pat-downs on his two-year-old son and six-year-old daughter.

“Can they do that?” asks an April 18, 2014 text accompanying YouTube video posted by khanzahir100, whose post also said “I was selected as usual for ssss security check because (of) my name.”

The post claimed the kids were searched because the children had close physical contact with someone selected for the extra security check.

The location and date of the pat-down were not part of the post.

“TSA has modified screening procedures for children 12 and under that reduces the likelihood of a pat-down,” according to the TSA website.

“If they alarm, TSA has procedures in place that have reduced, but will not eliminate, the need for pat downs to resolve the alarm, including multiple passes through screening technologies and other procedures,” according to TSA information for parents about traveling with children.


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