Video: Officer caught tripping and pushing students after soccer match

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A Texas police officer faced an internal investigation after cell phone video appeared to show him tripping and pushing students after a high school soccer match.

Officer George Bermudez of the Georgetown, Texas Police Department was placed on paid administrative leave according to KXAN-TV. Video, captured after the Vandergrift High School girls team won the league soccer championship April 19, 2014, shows Bermudez pushing, grabbing and tripping students who rushed the field as the game ended.

Parents reportedly began emailing the police department the day after the incident. Then video, shot by a teen at the game, surfaced online.

Georgetown Police Chief Wayne Nero confirmed fielding phone calls and emails about the incident and the video, and that internal affairs was investigating.

Bermudez is a nine-year veteran of the department and won Officer of the Year in 2013, KXAN reported.


  • Jack Rabbit

    Yep… officer of the year. Probably made officer of the year by giving out the most tickets. Sounds like a typical cop who’s badge went straight to his head.

  • sanrafaelblue

    What the hell was his problem? I could’nt believe what I was seeing. The ‘Officer” is very luckly one of the parents didn’t see that and challenge him then and there. Was he drinking? I think the “Officer” is about ready for early retirement, so he can, how you say, ‘spend time with his family”. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

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