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Mother bites dog to save daughter

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

When a pit bull attacked her two-year-old daughter, maternal instinct kicked in and gave a Texas mom the strength she needed to fight back.

The family was watching a friend’s pit bull when the dog attacked two-year-old Kenzi in March 2014 according to KHOU-TV.

Kenzi’s mom, Chelsi Camp, says she thinks the dog smelled their dog on Kenzi and then it attacked.

Camp fought back by shoving her fist down the dog’s throat and biting off the dog’s ear. She called 911 and a police officer shot the dog. The animal was later euthanized.

Chelsi suffered bite marks on her arms, and has regained full use of them since the attack happened. As her wounds heal, Mackenzi must stay out of direct sunlight for a year.



  • Megan

    My daughter was vicously attacked by a Lab when she was 2 just because it was a pit bull doesnt mean all are bad… To this day everyone tells me Labs are usually the best dogs and i can honestly say i will never own a dog unless its a pitbull and i have 3 small children now… Its not the breed its how u raise them!!!

    • TF

      That is pure BS. There are PLENTY of people who raise pitbulls properly and they still attack for no reason. Pitbulls are the worst breeds of dogs on this earth. If a pitbull even got near my daughter, I’d shoot it. I’d rather face charges for killing a dog then have my daughter taken from me.

      You people can defend the breed all you want, but the truth is, pitbulls are devils. You all are idiotic are acting like the dog isn’t at fault. Dogs are just as smart as humans are. You cannot honestly tell me a dog is going to think ‘I’m going to bite this child who did nothing wrong to me as revenge for my owner did’. Yeah, hilarious excuse.

      • Dylan

        Well TF according to your logic here and this is just a figure of speech i should shoot you if you even get near me, seeing as you are generalizing all pit bulls as being bad because they attack i should generalize you as a danger to me seeing as some humans are a danger think of all the events that have happened the sandy-hook shooting, who was that done by not a dog a human or the Boston bombing again no dog involved there just a human so by your logic if one dog breed is all bad and there are no good ones the same thing could be thought of humans for being an adult and speaking like you know something, you don’t really think before you speak do you… just because one of that type of breed attacked doesn’t mean they all attacked as well as just because one human is rather inhumane and end the lives of others does not mean they all are please educate yourself…

      • Kathy Pearson

        Why do you think you have to have pits contained=shots up to date=lots of expensive insurance coverage-and if you rent-most people will not rent to people who have pits. I work at a Hospital have you ever seen the face of a child after a pit attack? I would definately shoot the dog b-4 I would let it mangle a child. I my hate them! Just my opinion. And I have had a pit attack my lab in my yard tied up with my granddaughter inbetween them. Scary thought huh? Pitbull gone!!!!!

    • mike

      Amen to that, all ive ever owned were pits, and not once did they ever attack anything but that which was coming for me or my family

    • Brie

      My son was 3 when a lab attacked him too.. I’ve helped raise about 5 pit bulls before and never once did they attack anyone. It’s all about how people raise them not the dog themselves.

  • chris

    I was recently attacked just dropping off a student to her home from her school bus. There was no reason for me to be attacked, the dog(not a pit) just ran out the door and jumped on me.

  • pink

    I have had a pit bull before he was one of the best dogs i ever had and i have a lab pit mix right now and she is great. It is all on how you rasie the dog. Any dog can turn and attack someone. we had a ankle biter we had to put down because he bit a kid. I am so SICK of ONLY hearing about pitbull attackes in the news. WHY do people always have to hate on them. Grow up.

  • iowa

    All dogs, no matter how they are raised, are capable of biting / attacking. Sometimes they do it for reasons we may not understand. I am sure we can all agree on that. Based off of that knowledge, I choose not to own or watch a dog that is capable of killing my children. Pits, rots, german shephard, lab, dalmation, doesnt matter. They are all capable of killing a child. The problem with pits are they are bred for killing and they are good at it. So I question why any responsible parent would ever create that situation in the first place.

  • hmmm

    Wow … how sadly some of you are misinformed. The pit bull was not bred to kill, or attack babies, in fact it’s quite the opposite. This breed was created and bred carefully in order to protect babies and small children while the adults were out in the fields. It’s how you raise and train a dog that brings out how it acts around people it doesn’t know.

    • pink

      yes they were! I wish ppl would wake up and do some research pit bulls were bread to keep ppl safe they were once thought of as great dogs and to some are still amazing dogs!!!

  • Rick

    If you say it has nothing to do with the breed, you are wrong. If you say it has nothing to do with the way the dog was raised, you are also wrong. A dog’s temperament is the product of both. Some breeds tend to be docile, and some tend to be aggressive. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to raise a gentle pit bull, or an aggressive lab; it just means certain breeds are predisposed to certain behaviors.

    Even if you own the most gentle pit bull in the world, it does not change the fact that they are one of the most aggressive breeds of dog. Look up the facts from reputable sources – Humane Society of the US; National Canine Research Foundation; Center for Disease Control; and many others.

    Pit bulls were bred to be protectors. Their ability to be gentle with their owners but attack strangers is the very trait that was selected for breeding. By their DNA, pit bulls are predisposed to aggressive behavior with strangers, period.

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