Donations through Patriot Guard helping local veteran in need

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World War II veteran Herbert Harker has been on dialysis for years. His daughter Robin Johnson cares for him and takes him to Genesis East for treatment three times a week.

Their van that would lift him into the back with the electronic wheelchair broke down a month ago, leaving Johnson to lift him into their older car herself.

"It's difficult, but you know what, I have to do it," said Johnson. "Because it's for my Dad, and I'll do anything for my Dad."

"It puts her to work. She has to push me [and] when you push two hundred and fifty pounds around all the time, it ain't easy. I admire her for that," said Harker.

The Patriot Guard has already collected $1,200 in donations from members to buy the motor, but they still need another $1,500 to pay for labor.

"We don't have that kind of money," said Johnson. "I'm besides myself, I don't know what to do."

To donate money or help the Patriot Guard with this cause in any way, you can contact Senior Ride Captain, Eric Swanson, at 563-676-7145.