Viral Video: Thousands of high school students make one-take music video

Thousands of high school students from Indiana had one common goal as they collaborated to make a massive music video.

In 6.5 minutes, using 68 different songs, 2,700 students from Avon, Indiana made a lip dub music video to raise money for a local hospital, Riley Hospital for Children.

“This video, this lip-dub was to raise awareness, to get people excited about going to the Riley Dance Marathon and support that cause,” assistant principal Kellie Rodkey said, according to a report by ABC News.

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According to the report, Rodkey said that the dance marathon the school held in 2013 raised $17,000 for the hospital and in 2014 they hoped to raise $20,000.

The video took about six weeks of planning, and the final product was shot in one take by a student holding a camera being dragged on a chair.

The video was posted to YouTube on Saturday, April 12, 2014 and has since gone viral.

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