Kevin Costner, Field of Dreams cast to reunite in Iowa

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On the 25th anniversary of the release of Field of Dreams, Kevin Costner and other cast members have announced they'll be back in Dyersville, Iowa, this summer.

The reunion will take place on Father's Day Weekend, June 13-14, 2014. A celebrity baseball game, free showing of the movie and a panel discussion are all planned for the celebration. Kevin Costner's band will also perform that weekend in Dubuque.

"It transcends more than just baseball. It's all about believing in the unbelievable. It's about relationships. It's about fathers and son and the things that go unsaid for too long, which brings me to this: Hey Dwier, wanna have a catch?" said Costner in a promotional video for the reunion released Monday.

The iconic movie first helped put Iowa on the map in 1989.

Doug Miller worked for the Iowa Department of Economic Development at the time and helped create the Iowa Film Office. He remembers getting the call about a script for a movie called Shoeless Joe.

"He told me the story about this farmer who hears this voice from nowhere telling him to cut down his cornfield and build a baseball diamond. I actually laughed," said Miller.

That script, though, would become Field of Dreams. Miller quickly changed his mind after attending the movie's premiere in Dubuque.

"I've never been to a film premiere where I watched grown men, in many cases big, burly, husky farmers, walking out of a theater with tears in their eyes. I knew at that moment we had something special," said Miller.

Miller said Field of Dreams changed everything -- drawing worldwide attention and thousands of visitors to Iowa. When he made his first trip to France just a few years later, Miller could finally explain to people where he was from.

"The place where the West begins, and the land where the tall corn grows, just a half hour south of the Field of Dreams. And they actually would know where I was talking about, they actually knew where Iowa was because of that famous line... 'Is this heaven? No, it's Iowa,'" said Miller.

You can view the full Field of Dreams reunion press conference at this link.