Sterling residents wake to find their car tires slashed

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Sterling residents reported a string of vandalism to their vehicles' tires.

Sergeant Todd Messer of the Sterling Police Department said they received reports of 19 vehicles with slashed tires as of Sunday, April, 20, 2014.

The Sterling Police Department said between midnight and 6 a.m. Saturday, April 19, several residents stated that their car’s tires had been slashed. Sgt. Messer told News 8 that he didn't want to speculate, but is not ruling out gang activity.

"A lot of times it is kids. Sometimes it could be a gang initiation, but until we actually find the people and get why they did it, it's hard to figure that out," Messer said.

Sterling resident Gary Davis said a string of tire slashing happened last year in his Sterling neighborhood near Propheter Park.

"My Jeep had one tire slashed and my Dodge Caliber had two tires slashed just last year," Davis said while pointing towards his two parked vehicles.

This time, a car two doors down was hit.

Police stated the damage occurred in the area of 6th Street to the east, Locust Street to the west, 6th Street to the north, and East 3rd Street to the south.

While many ponder why, Davis has his own theory.

"We've got nothing in this town for kids to do, kids here need something they can do."

Authorities are asking anyone with information to contact the Sterling Police Department at 815-632-6640 or call Whiteside County Crimestoppers at 815-625-7867.