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New reward fund offered in Carrie Olson case

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Carrie Olson photo from Find Carrie Olson Facebook page

Several contributors have donated thousands of dollars to a reward offered for information that leads to the apprehension of anyone responsible for the death of Carrie Olson.

The body of 29-year-old Carrie Olson, of Davenport, Iowa, was found in rural Dakota County, Minnesota on Saturday, April 5, 2014.  She had been missing since late December 2013, and was last seen at a gas station in Rock Island, Illinois.

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“After Carrie’s body was positively identified in Minnesota, we received a message from Dennis VanDerGinst indicating that he was establishing a reward fund,” said a message from one of the people in charge of the Find Carrie Olson Facebook page.  The page was first dedicated to the search for Carrie Olson, and later committed to finding information that might help police determine how she got to Minnesota and who, if anyone, is responsible for her death.

VanDerGinst contributed $1,000 on behalf of his law firm, plus another $1,000 from American Spirit Charities.  He asked other community members to match his contributions, and Fletcher Ford and Matt Larson each contributed $1,000 as well.

That brought the total reward fund to $4,000 as of Wednesday, April 16, 2014.

“We are hoping this reward fund will bring in new evidence,” the Find Carrie Olson administrator said, “i.e., sightings of Carrie’s car at any point in time before it was returned…and/or possible accomplices, etc.”

Nearly a week after she disappeared, a man she knew returned from an out-of-town trip with Carrie’s car and purse, but there was no other sign of her.  Friends and family hope someone might remember seeing Carrie, or her dark gray 2005 Toyota Avalon, with Iowa license plates 088 PMK, any time after she was last seen.

Police from Davenport, Rock Island, and two departments in Minnesota have shared information and were cooperating to investigate what happened to Carrie Olson.

Anyone with information about Carrie Olson is asked to contact Davenport Police at (563) 326-6125.

Car similar to Carrie Olson's vehicle (photo from Find Carrie Olson)

Car similar to Carrie Olson’s vehicle (photo from Find Carrie Olson)


  • Jennifer Heyninck

    DPD should ask for assistance from Indianapolis Homicide…they seem to to know their shit. Who the hell takes a flight from Minneapolis to Vegas instead of Chicago…and here’s the obvious, she was found 30 miles from Minneapolis. Somebody didn’t do their homework before another certain somebody was questioned. Lock em up and throw away the key.

  • Kristi

    Her ex, McVay had her car. Claims to have went to MN to his new GF’s to go to Vegas. The cops contacted him while he was in Vegas and he told them that the car was at the airport in MN. The cops checked and they couldn’t locate the car. Apparently, a woman that McVay knew lives where Carrie was found and stated that he was there during her soon after Carrie’s disappearance. Media hasn’t stated if this was the same woman he took to Vegas. Anyway, after his little vacay, he comes back to IL, rolling up in Carrie’s car to the police station big as you please with her purse inside.

    Word has it he quickly lawyered up, hence the lack of his name in the news reports which had them looking for him when she went missing. IMO, the man is guilty as sin and I am just hoping that the LE are crossing their T’s and dotting their I’s before swooping down on him with the charge.

  • whodunit

    He had her purse and went to Vegas? how much $ did the girl have and he got greedy? who tf goes to vegas and leaves a girl behind like that with her car? did he clean out her bank account too or what? maybe PD should call sherlock, or, listen to your own citizens…

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