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Quad Cities runner preparing for Boston Marathon

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The 2014 Boston Marathon is less than one week away. Thousands are preparing to run including some from the Quad Cities.

As a runner, Stephen Rhodes is relatively new.

“It means joy and happiness, I love it. I love to run, I love to compete,” said Rhodes.

Four years in to his running career, the East Moline man will stand with thousands at the start of one of the world’s biggest races.

“If you're a marathoner, Boston is the marathon you want to run,” said Rhodes.

And he will cross a finish line that was the scene of chaos and fear one year ago.

“You just never think anything like that would happen,” he said.

Rhodes qualified for the 2013 Boston Marathon, but did not run.

“After everything happened last year, I would for sure was going to go this year,” said Rhodes.

So many wanted to run this year, the Boston Athletic Association allowed 9,000 more participants to run than last year.

“It's go be incredible for the runners, and all the spectators, and Boston how strong they'd come back from all this, people that are going to be there, it's going to be pretty amazing,” said Rhodes.

Next Monday, on April 21, 2014, 36,000 runners including Stephen Rhodes will lace up their shoes and finish for those who could not.

“When you stand at the start of the marathon, it's really emotional. It’s the joy that you feel, is incredible. When you cross that line, you're thinking, I'm running the Boston Marathon.”