Hogs run loose in Sterling

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It's not dogs or cats running through the streets of an area community. It's pigs, spotted over the past few months in Sterling, Illinois.

While most have found the run-ins entertaining, some are over the swine.

For business owner Ken Desantos, it's a sight that he won't forget.

"I was just like speechless, because it's something you don't see everyday," said Desantos

At a gas station across the street was a loose hog.

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"I was on the phone with a client and I seen this pig, you know, walking around the gas station there, and I just kind of paused and my client said, 'Hello, are you there?'" said Desantos.

It's not the first report of hogs running around the city of Sterling.

"A couple times hogs have been in the parking lots," said City Manager Scott Shumard

There have been ten police reports, at businesses including the gas station and nearby Applebee's restaurant, since December.

"At least one report, a hog had been chewing on a lady's jacket," said Shumard.

Right behind the gas station is a free-range pig farm. Around 1,500 pigs there, each weighing close to 300 pounds. While some have laughed it off, others told city leaders the loose pork is a problem.

"Not everyone was raised on a farm, not everyone knows how to deal with a hog.  So, when you come across these animals who are a couple hundred pounds, that's intimidating," said Shumard.

However, for a farm owner Norman Koster, he say's there's nothing to be worried about.

"These hogs here are just curious animals.  If you stand up next to them for a while, pretty soon one would put their nose up to you to check you out. They're very social individuals," said Koster.

Koster says the pigs got out because of a problem with the electric fence and they'll be gone in two weeks to make way for corn. The city is taking a wait-and-see-approach.



  • John

    Only in sterling what a dump, obviously the city doesn’t care or know how to run it.. What had the new mayor accomplished ?

  • frank

    does this farmer know the impact of hogs that go wild on the wildlife and the farming. and has the dnr been involved yet

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