Central H.S. in DeWitt determined to end identity crisis

Central High School in DeWitt is in the process of resolving a long-time confusion over the school’s name, once and for all.

The school’s official name is Central High School from the Central Community School District of Clinton County. The district was created in 1961 when DeWitt, Grand Mound, Low Moor, and Welton consolidated.

The name has caused confusion over the years. That confusion came to a head at this year’s state basketball tournament, when the boys team was identified on the scoreboards as C. Clinton.

“My son was at the game and he was very upset when it came across,” said DeWitt resident Angie Vandevoort, “Because everywhere they go everybody thinks they’re Clinton and they’re not.

“They’re DeWitt,” Vandevoort said.

Superintendent Dan Peterson said the school board has come up with a list of possible names to go by, and will start meeting about an official name in May.


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