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Sherrard, Fyre Lake Golf Club reach deal over debt

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Sherrard leaders and the Fyre Lake Golf Club operator have reached a deal over unpaid debts just in time for the golf course's second season.

Last year, operator Todd Raufeisen finally opened the Sherrard golf course that was completed back in 2010. Trustees, though, said the village had loaned Raufeisen $375,000 -- money that was never repaid.

On Monday, Raufeisen reported that a deal had been struck between the two parties to pay off the outstanding debt.

Raufeisen plans to do the construction work to extend First Avenue, as well as the water and sewer connections between Sherrard and Fyre Lake. The remainder of the money will go towards improvements that benefit both the golf club and the village over the next three years.

Construction on First Avenue is expected to start on May 1, 2014.

"Once this extension is in, it opens it up so that all of the people from Fyre Lake can come right into our downtown Sherrard area, so it's going to be good for everybody," said Mayor Delbert Henry.

Despite concerns from one trustee, the Sherrard Village Board then approved a liquor license for the golf club, 4-1.

"This is a big relief off everybody's shoulders," said Henry.

Both Henry and Raufeisen agreed that it was time to move on together.

"There's so much bad history, and every time we turned around, there was another surprise. I think the good news is that we think this is our last big hurdle," said Raufeisen.

Fyre Lake Golf Course is set to open Tuesday, April 15, 2014, for its second season.