Beyond the Green Screen: From Summer to Winter in 48 Hours

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Mother Nature can’t seem to make up her mind. If you are a winter, spring or summer lover you have had your favorite kind of weather in the past few days.

The sun was out Saturday with temperatures in the 80s. Showers and thunderstorms were responsible for much needed rainfall on Sunday along with seasonal temperatures. Today we have been tricked into thinking it’s winter again. Large snowflakes continue to fall across the area as I type.

That’s how spring goes. It’s the transition from winter to summer with a little bit of everything in between. Spring is also known for bringing plenty of rain. That’s exactly what we got yesterday.

Dubuque had record rainfall of 2.77 inches on Sunday. This breaks the old record of 2.07 inches that was originally set back in 1898.

The Quad Cities ended up with a measly .73 inches of rainfall yesterday but that’s not a necessarily a bad thing. We need the rain but we don’t want it all at once. Apparently, beggars cannot be choosers. As a result of the weekend rain there have been ponding issues and rising river levels.

Here are some other impressive rainfall totals from the weekend.

North Liberty : 4.39”
Cedar Rapids: 4.25”
Council Hill 3.25”
Center Junction: 4.1”

Below is a map put together by the National Weather Service of the rainfall that took place from 9am Sunday through 9am Monday.

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