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Video shows bus crashing into Davenport house

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Incredible video just out from Davenport after a city bus drove into a house there two months back. Everyone's lucky to be alive.

Tessa Gainey is used to her street being noisy. She lives on the corner of Grand Avenue and Locust Street in Davenport. Both streets are pretty busy with traffic.

However on Febuary 13, 2014, Gainey says she heard an unfamiliar sound.

"I had just stood to go do something in the house and I heard a loud noise. I went and looked out the window and I saw a car over here and it was smashed," said Gainey.

Then followed by a loud bang.

"I look out my other window and there was a bus in the house, next door," said Gainey.

Cameras inside the bus captured the bus driver heading down Locust. While turning on Grand Ave., the driver wasn't able to see a car coming, that's when the car hits the bus. The driver then loses control and the bus crashes into a home right next door to Gainey's.

Click here to see the raw video

"I run out and yell at everyone, call 911, somebody call 911. I run out and try to get people off the bus," Gainey recalls that day.

Inside the bus, you're able to see the passenger's reactions. After running into the home, one woman is knocked out of her seat.

"There were cops everywhere, ambulances, this whole street was blocked off," said Gainey.

The house is empty now and boarded up, waiting to get remodeled, but it's a reminder to Gainey that it could have been a lot worse.

"It could have been so much more tragic. There could have been more children. I see children up and down this street all the time," said Gainey.

Even though this story has a happy ending, it's a sight Gainey says she'll never forget.

There were people inside the house when the bus ran into it, but everyone involved in the accident luckily only walked away with some scratches and bruises. The bus driver was ticketed for failure to yield and for not wearing a seat belt.

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